Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

The first days ;)

Hello :)

Yeah, the first days were wonderfull in America ... The weather was so good, evertime blue sky, 35 degrees and yes it was really great over here :) My family is so nice. At the first day here I pick my little brother up from preschool and then, when we were at home again, we went in pool, which is placed in the garden. The water was really warm, because of this hot climate here. So in the evening we had American Pizza at dinner, but it was yummy :DD Next morning my mom and me went buying some important things. The shopping malls are really big and there you can buy everything. I love San Jacinto and Hemet (a town which is blends with San Jacinto), the little mountains around those citys, the palms, the weather, the American people, and everything here :) My little brother is so cute *_* We also wanted to register me at my school here (Tahquitz High School), but there are little problems with my immunization...but I think it will work in a few days and also I really hope it ;) So after this we had Mexican lunch, really yummy :DD And then I bought a new SIM-card and a new Prepaid-Card for my cell phone here. I am so happy I got one good :))
In the evening my family and I played domino; it still makes lot of fun :) I really feel as snug as a bug in a rug :)

So have some few nice days <3

Love, Fredde :)

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