Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Hi :)

I had a wonderful week here on the other side of the world.
On Monday my family and I had a play date with the friend of my little brother in a water park. Micah's friends has two sisters so I had a lot of fun with them.
I had to get a shot for registering at school :( but finally my mom and I registered me at my school and when I registered me, the other students were so nice :) One girl introduced me to all the other Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors so now I know some really nice students of my American High School and I don´t worry about the first day of school as much as before. A little bit, but not as much as before ;)
My little brother had soccer practise and it was so cute to see all the other little children while they are playing soccer.
Once I tried to drive my bike to a little mall in Hemet, because everytime when we drove by the car to the main street of Hemet (there are all the shops) it seemed to me that it is only a short drive. So I tried to drive my bike to the main street at 2 pm and it was just sooo hot .... ! It was the hottest time of the day (ca. 40 ° C), but unfortunately I only realized this when I was on the way so I decided after 10 minutes in the heat to reverse ...  and then there were those big streets and the sidewalk was only on the other side of the street so that I drove my bike on a small way on the field next to the street. I didn't know that there are thorns on all the fields, but I experienced it when I got  two flat tires ... :( I had the long way to my home and it was really hot- it was horrible and this only, because I wanted to drive to a mall ... :O -  MY OWN FAULT! :D When I came back at home I saw a bright red Friederike in the mirror :D After my dad patched the bicycle tires he told me that there were 15 thorns in each tire :OO  ... so now I know: No bycicle driving in fields!
The weather was so sunny and hot that I got a lot of sun burns .... :(
Because here I eat so much Cookies I am called the "Cookie-Monster" :D I love Cookies and I already bake Cookies with my mom. They were soooo yummmy *_* And I already bake potato pancakes, which were also very delicious! :)
On Saturday my family and I went to the Oceanside Beach which is near San Diego and it was a really successful sunny beach day with friends. The waves were so big and we had so much fun to use the boogie board in the waves. First the Pacific Ocean was cold but after a short time it was soo nice! The weather was sunny and the atmosphere was also really good. :) It was a really funny day :)

Potato Pancakes *_*

A Day at the Oceanside Beach :)

My family and I drove to the cinema in Temecula on Sunday after church. The prices are really expensive compared with German tickets and food in the cinema. After watching a movie we went  to the mall towards the cinema...it was a big mall and I bought cloths by Hollister *_* and new pairs of shoes. *____*
Yesterday my mom and I hung out at home and we watched to DVDs *_*. It was a really nice day :)
This was my last week :)
Today I go bowling with some other teenagers :) I am looking forward :))
Wish you all a wonderful week and a lot of fun!
I love my family and my life here :)

Yours, Fredde <3

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